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Michael Ferguson, president of System Associates llc, has had a life-long interest in new technologies in media, from his first amateur HAM radio and recording devices to the newest developments in the area of digital filming technology. While a student, receiving his degree in telecommunications, he began working at The Video Store in San Diego as a professional video equipment sales consultant. In 1985, his work there led him to a recording studio in Phoenix, Arizona

The company was called Audio-Video Recorders of Arizona. Ferguson worked with the best. Clay Ramsey and his son Floyd had earned fame creating one of the most successful recording studios in the Southwest. As the business combined audio recording and video recording, the studio kept pace with the latest gear in the business — and most importantly sold the equipment. The business was expanding with Ferguson as one of their equipment sales consultants. By the time Ramsey sold the business in April of 1991 annual gross sales of gear were almost $7 million.


In 1994 Ferguson acquired System Associates which was founded in 1977 by Billy Seidel and Walt Shubin as one of the first companies in the country to sell used broadcast and professional television equipment. The company is well known for carrying out, arranging, and brokering used video equipment, used film equipment, and new equipment transactions.

Now, with over 25 years of experience in the broadcast and more recently the film industry, System Associates’ skills and services include, audio, video and film equipment brokering, appraisals, engineering, repairing, product knowledge, equipment sales, auctions, liquidations, and equipment purchasing. And in the future, expect growth in new areas of telecommunications as they develop.

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