FGV Schmidle PL7D PL mount Canon 7D Camera Cine conversion Arri




Crash Camera.  You want to take good images but cannot risk losing an expensive camera in a crash scene.
FGV Schmidle Canon PL mount Canon 7D camera  PL7D cine conversion ARRI
Otto Nemenz added a few features for power and video out. The power is now from a battery block. Cables included. The
video out is HD‐SDI. Cameras are set to Arri height to accommodate their accessories. Otto uses the Arri
BP‐9 balance plate top (not included).
Each package includes:
Camera body
Zacuto 7d Z‐Finder
Riser for Arri accessories
2x short iris rods
Power cables (5 pin Lemo to 4 pin XLR)
2x 8GB CF memory cards
Pelican case
Who is FGV Schmidle?
FGV Schmidle is a motion picture camera and lighting rental house, based in Munich and Berlin with
more than 35 years of experience. We are renting out 16/35mm film cameras, SD and HD camcorders
as well as single sensor cameras like RED, F35, lighting, grip, generators and trucks. A couple of
years ago we started to rent professional still DSLR cameras.
When Canon introduced the 5D Mark II we also started using still cameras for motion picture work.
Lots of production houses are using DSLR cameras now to shoot commercials, features, industrial
presentations and even more…
Part of our business always was to adapt or improve existing gear or even to invent and manufacture
our own solutions. Actually the famous Panther dolly came into being exactly this way.
Have a look at our website for other FGV Development products.
What is the PLXD camera’s scope of application?
There are many applications for this new generation of DSLR cameras with built-in movie functions.
Currently we think the quality is good enough to use them as a director’s viewfinder or to shoot plates
for CGI work in still photography mode with the same lenses you use to shoot the movie.
Just think of action sequences: Eymos have become rare and expensive, so why not use a DSLR –
they are certainly perfectly small “Man-Cams”.
Professional lenses and accessories can be used even for a quick and comparatively inexpensive
recording option. It is certainly a type of camera type that will become a basic on all film sets because
it is handy, small, cheap, easy to use and gives you the freedom to do things very quickly without
hours of rigging a film camera. A further and truly decisive advantage is to be able to use all lenses
and accessories from your A-Cam.
Which PL Lenses can be used with the FGV PLXD cameras?
You can use all known 35mm PL-mount motion picture fixed focal or zoom lenses (Zeiss, ARRI,
Cooke, Angénieux, Red…), which will fit on ARRI, Moviecam or Aaton, Red, Sony 35mm cameras.
However, there might be an issue with the image circle of certain lenses, when the extremely wide
sensor of the FGV PL1D is used. The sensor area is even bigger than the widest ANSI S35 4-Perforation
format. For further explanation, see below.
If you are planning a real crash scene, we will certainly help you out with a proper crash housing, or a
splash housing to film in or on water.
What about the flange-focal distance?
Well, we are talking seriously about a real PL-mount – as a consequence, we are using the same
principles than in “real” movie cameras. So – yes: you can adjust the flange focal distance the regular
and professional way if necessary.
What film formats are matched best with the FGV PLXD cameras?
While the FGV PL7D is optimally suited to match the S35 3-perforation format, the FGV PL1D even
goes beyond this, offering an sensor area that covers even the widest ANSI S35 4-Perforation film
FGV PL7D aspect width height
1.78 ANSI 3-Perforation 1.78 23.11 12.98 (i.e. ARRI)
7D sensor format in stills mode 1.5 22.3 14.9
-> In movie mode Canon does not utilize
the entire height of the sensor – this results in:
16:9 1.78 22.3 12.53
FGV PL1D aspect width height
1.78 ANSI 4-Perforation 1.78 24.9 14.4 (i.e. ARRI)
1D sensor format in stills mode 1.6 29.7 18.6
-> In movie mode Canon does not utilize
the entire height of the sensor – this results in:
16:9 1.78 29.7 16.69
What is the maximum take length?
As always this strongly depends on the chosen settings of frame rate and size. Since the electronics
were not modified the original values apply: maximum file size is 4 GB with a maximum length of
29min. 59s.
What is the movie’s file format?
The Canon cameras originally record in *.mov format (H.264) with linear PCM audio.
What is in the upgrade package?
In order to be able to use all PL mounted lenses, we had to redesign the original plastic case for the
mirror and the sensor mount. There was no other possibility to update the original Canon housing
and still provide the necessary rock-solid connection between the sensor and the PL-mount.
We redesigned these parts to our needs by milling them out of a single metal block. The new carrier
comes without the reflex-mirror. As a consequence, the autofocus unit, the groundglass and the prism
viewfinder were also left out. In order to focus or to control the image the Live-View mode is used,
which also offers a decent magnification for critical settings.
What we added is a rigid connection to the base plate to be able to mount the entire setup to any
kind of professional support system. The FGV-PLXD cameras are designed to be truly rock-solid
even with big and heavy zoom lenses known from film sets: the new FGV sensor carrier module
weighs more than 300g alone. The PL-Mount directly connects to a metal plate and a raiser plate that
offers two 3/8” threads at the bottom for mounting. Together with the new sensor carrier and a solid
mounting for the original CMOS sensor a rugged and at the same time very precise imaging unit was
For external Start/Stop with a LCS or a simple remote switch there is a 3-pin Fischer connector. The
rest of the camera stays the same.
The package of the FGV PL1D additionally already covers a Start/Stop button, the FGV Hybrid Lightweight
Support and the FGV Cabe Protector.
Can I send my own camera in, to get it upgraded?
Unfortunately not – it is not a reversible update kit. We have to disassemble the entire camera to
replace the mirror case and eliminate parts that are not necessary for the movie function. So far we
just sell the complete camera package which includes the Canon camera with PL Mount, one battery
and one charger. The FGV PL1D comes with the FGV Hybrid LWS and the FGV Cable Protector


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